Hands-on: Sony's head-mounted 3D display

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Posted: 5 years 41 weeks ago

"I got some hands-on time to test the prototype at Sony's CES booth after the company's press briefing. It has two separate screens on the inside—one for each eye. It has a simple slider for adjusting the distance between the screens, allowing it to be easily calibrated to match the spacing between the user's eyes for optimal 3D performance. Before using the device, a Sony representative at the booth had me briefly put on a transparent pair of glasses with measurement hash marks so that he could determine the proper setting I should use for the head-mounted display." | more



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TRON-like design if you ask me lol
it's the 1st of its kind so i'd wait next versions, less bulky too

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I've never had the opportunity to experience something like this. I'd really like to give it a go, but these things are just too expensive and I guess there aren't a lot of people willing to pay that much for them.

Imagine, playing Bad Company 2 and all you can see is the viewpoint of your soldier's eyes. To put yourself in the seat of someone else and do things you would never dare to do in real life. I'd really like to try these out, but I'm 16, I live in Michigan and CES is in Vegas - not the place a 16-year old will be found.

And to Tivon's comment, it's amazing that people will put on giant, heavy headsets because they want the best sound but they won't put on 3D glasses or this awesome headgear to get the best visuals. I only think it goes hand-in-hand. It's like being colorblind (like, fully black and white colorblind) or having the worst vision without the ability to see en eye doctor.

C'mon people! Live a little! Experiment with new technology! Give it a chance! Don't wait around for Apple to release like this (because they're about the only ones who will take chances on new products like the iTouch and iPad)!

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Every year they come out with head gear and yet that's the last we ever see of them. I guess people don't care for wearing anything.

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