Computer Addict Jailed

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Posted: 3 years 14 weeks ago

"Played 22 hours a day and beat his wife An Italian bloke who was so addicted to playing online computer games has been jailed after beating up his life for telling him to stop. According to Italian press reports, the bloke who has been identified as “Nino C,” hails from Canegrate and spent 20 hours a day playing an online roleplaying game. It got so bad that he started to lose jobs and then, when his wife tried to keep him away from the PC, he started beating her up." | more



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Sad. Fact is, addictions are not good for anyone.

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there is no good side to an addiction...

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What a badly written article, even the information given is contradictive.

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eh the bad side of addiction

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If I was the cops I'm gonna try to fit that mother inside a cooler master haf x so he won't miss the pc at all.

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"20 hours a day playing an online roleplaying game"

Couldn't rest until he killed Deathwing :-)


Epic life FAIL.

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What a loser this guy is..

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