Global spam e-mail levels suddenly fall

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Source: BBC News - Read the full article
Posted: 5 years 41 weeks ago

"The amount of junk e-mail being sent across the globe has seen a dramatic fall in recent months. The volume of spam has dropped steadily since August, but the Christmas period saw a precipitous decline. One security firm detected around 200 billion spam messages being sent each day in August, but just 50 billion in December. While the reasons for the decline are not fully understood, spam watchers warn the lull may not last. Around the Christmas holidays, three of the largest spam producers curtailed their activity, Paul Wood, a senior analyst at Symantec Hosted Services told BBC News. "But it's hard to say why," he added." | more



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oh did they start realizing that people have something called Junk filters? LOLLL

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Well spammers have to celebrate christmas and new year and stuff too. Now they will send 300 billion spam emails. They should really go and buy A LIFE. Just sayin'

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I hope it involved torture and C4. :)

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