AMD Fusion Netbook Processors Promise 10+ Hour Battery Life, DX11

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Posted: 5 years 42 weeks ago

"Much like Intel, AMD has plopped a GPU right onto its chip die. However, AMD's GPU sounds a bit more advanced, with full DirectX 11 support (which Intel won't get until next year at the soonest). AMD explains, "Internet browsing is a faster, application-like experience; 1080p HD video playback is gorgeous, smooth and quiet; standard definition video looks high-definition; 2D content can be converted into stereoscopic 3D; even the most graphics-intensive websites load quickly; manipulating HD content is fast and easy; and 3D gaming at HD resolutions is fast and life-like." AMD also promises 10+ hour battery life from netbooks sporting its new chips." | more



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the future is fusion is an understatement

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i'd go with it just for the DX11

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