VoIP decision means Skype now illegal

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Posted: 5 years 43 weeks ago

"The Chinese regulator has declared Internet phone services other than those provided by China Telecom and China Unicom as illegal, which is expected to make services like Skype unavailable in the country. The decision was criticized as a measure to protect the duopoly of state-owned telecom carriers, media reports said yesterday." | more



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just to say..probably alot like me hate china and we actually help them to grow indirectly
i just hope that they'll have to change sooner or later cause they'll be eaten by globalisation

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Ah! This makes me hate China even more. What's next? Making the entire internet illegal?


effing commies


China China, stop making the live of your people a living hell!!!

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A government money making tactic, nothing new. Most governments have their own in some form or another :/ I know I've had VoIP long before it was even that popular, back first when it was available. So I've been off the traditional land-line for 6+ years now. I'm currently using Vonage. I feel a poll coming.... lol

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