Man Quits Job; Now Makes Millions Fighting Spam

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Posted: 5 years 43 weeks ago

"We all hate spam. At one time or another, it feels like the bane of our existence. Most of us just hit the delete button (or first tag it as junk) and the move on with our lives. Not Daniel Balsam, though, who quit his day job to take on spammers full time. Balsam was working as a marketer eight years ago. After one too many pitches to enlarge one part of his body or another, he had enough. He quit his job and went to law school. Now he makes a living by suing companies that send him spam mail. Now he takes spammers to court in California. It's now his full time job going after the companies behind junk mail, and by means of small settlements, Balsam has raked in well over $1 million." | more



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guess i'll become a spamming lawyer too

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Agree with Tiv on this one.

Andreas Hofer
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Probably only works in the US though as many countries have fixed penalties that can be applied in such cases. Here in Austria you might not even get anything because first you would have to sue the company and have them convicted for the crime (takes some time and is quite expensive) and afterwards you will have to sue again for some money. All in all you may get a few thousand Euros but considering how much time passed it is hardly worth the effort.
If you really want to do something about it you should try to convince the government to pass a law that restricts companies in handing your information to others for marketing purposes.

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If anyone needs to be sued it's these spammers.

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