Husband's E-mail Snooping May Lead to Five Years in Prison

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Posted: 5 years 43 weeks ago

"Walker suspected his wife of cheating, so he flipped through the book of passwords she conveniently kept next to the family's shared laptop, logged into her Gmail account and confirmed his suspicions. Now Oakland County prosecutors are charging him with felony computer misuse -- a charge usually reserved for identity thieves, hackers and trade secret embezzlers. He faces five years in prison." | more



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arrested for looking at his own wife's stuff? omg..cant even be a real man anymore nowadays

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And that is why you should NEVER have anything to do with the police, like I'm sayin: They are working against you, not for you.

Oh my god...what has this world come to? I can't believe he'll get a jail for that.

Not trying to be a smartass, but he should've divorced her right away, not calling the police or anything, just his lawyer.

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Hmmmm.. I can't see how he would even get 30 days in jail if you ask me. Because this involves to married couples it does not exactly fall into a Federal case, but rather a domestic issue that needs counseling. If anything he had reason to suspect she was cheating and he proved it. So he can file for divorce and she gets nothing. If she is smart they will drop the charges.

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