Raising a healthy gamer: seven tips for parents

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Posted: 5 years 43 weeks ago

"In this article, we'll take a look at some of the issues that surround video games and the family, and we'll give you some real-world advice on what to look for, what the dangers are, and what you can do to have gaming be a safe and fun part of your household. What we hope you'll find is that most of this advice is common sense, and that by using your head and doing a bit of research you'll eliminate most of the problems that can pop up with children and gaming. In fact..." | more



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Gaming is fun and most, this is true - but that doesn't justify the addiction that stems from it. Like sugar to quiet babies, it only makes them worse because they will be taught that they get sugar when they are loud and obnoxious. Giving a child the opportunity of playing video games is a large responsibility but can be handled if you at least try this.

Tell them, "Gaming isn't everything." It isn't life and it isn't living. While its fun, real experience is far greater. If I had a child addicted to FPS, I would most likely take them to a paintball or Laser Tag event and asked them which is better?

Balance Sports, reading and gaming - Make everything worthwhile.

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gamers being parents one day might know how to handle this situation alot better than current generation of parents cause they grew up with the technology, my mom is lost in it and my little brother easily tricks her at letting her think he's working instead of playing

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