Google's Donating Money for Every Tab You Open

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Posted: 5 years 44 weeks ago

"Google has partnered with five charities for Chrome for Cause. These are The Nature Conservancy, Doctors without Borders, Charity: Water, Room to Read, and Un Techno para mi País. To contribute, all you have to do is download the Chrome for a Cause extension for Chrome and start opening tabs. Google is only running the program from December 15 through to December 19 and it's capped at $1 million so be sure to get moving on this as soon as possible for maximum warm and fuzzy feelings. Check out Chrome for a Cause here. | more




Yeah, it's rude :)

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it might be rude but would it be better to invest this money in making new enegie technologies like solar panels and or just a new transistor type or so so we can stop causing global warming whit co2 and still use some energy . + a new kind of battery would make the world better (super high capacity to store energy at night or for the solar energy )