Sunbeamtech announces Twister 120 CPU Cooler

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Posted: 5 years 46 weeks ago

Dec 7,2010–The computer chassis and cooling accessory manufacturer, Sunbeamtech from Taiwan has just added a new product into their CPU cooler family, the Twister 120.
Opposites attract, even in cooling
In the never ending battle to tame the CPU heat, it is not possible to keep on increasing the size of the heatsink.  Sunbeamtech took an innovative approach and came up with the ISO-Turbo Technology which incorporates 2 fans that are spinning in opposite direction.  Compared to the traditional approach, the ISO-Turbo Technology provides higher airflow efficiency which translates to higher heat dissipation capability.
More control for you freaks
 Sunbeamtech also includes a Rheosmart PCI controller to provide you the flexibility to either use the onboard PWM for automatic control of the fan speed or manually by hand using the turn knob.  This addition really extends the control you have over the CPU cooling.
About Sunbeamtech
Sunbeamtech has been bringing out innovative products from PC chassis to system cooling accessories.  A name often associated with great performance and value.