Aussie study says no evidence of games harming kids

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Posted: 5 years 46 weeks ago

"Surely you’ve all seen how bad parenting can be blamed on games by now, with plenty of studies confirming this in our eyes quite ridiculous idea. An Aussie study has now officially confirmed that there is simply no evidence to back any such claims up. A statement from Australian Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor today said that review of current research proves “there is no conclusive evidence that violent computer games have a greater impact on players than other violent media, such as movies or music videos." The statement goes on saying that violent games show more evidence of short-term effects than long term ones." | more



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lol my 15yo brother has GTA4 and mom doesnt allow him but he plays in her back...when i was 15 10 years ago i was only allowed to play Mickey Mouse..

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Video games improve kids' hand-eye coordination ;)