Cinnamon replaces toxic chemicals in nanoparticle production

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Posted: 5 years 46 weeks ago

"Scientists at the University of Missouri used cinnamon to replace almost all toxic chemicals needed for making gold nanoparticles used in electronics and healthcare products. Nanoparticle production requires the use of extremely dangerous and toxic chemicals. While the nanotechnology industry is expected to produce large quantities of useful nanoparticles in the near future, the entire production process could be detrimental to the environment." | more



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apparently cinnomin is the miracle bark!
Its supposed to aid diabetes, now this...what else can it do? I mean besides make my oatmeal yummy!

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What happens if you overclock the CPU and it burns? Cinnamon Toast!

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Yea, sounds yummy to me ;)

Rodney Reynolds,

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now that sounds like a tasty nanoparticle

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