Microsoft Cripples Windows Home Server by Abandoning Drive Extender

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Source: Daily Tech - Read the full article
Posted: 5 years 47 weeks ago

"Selling servers to home users isn't exactly a trivial task given that most either don't have the money to buy the devices or don't have the understanding to set them up and make them work. Still, Windows Home Server represented a fairly intelligent effort to bring consumers on board. It sold home servers under the premise of home backup and media machines, and it came bundled with reasonably priced, super easy to set up hardware from companies like HP.

Unfortunately, bugs plagued the OS in the beginning. For months a bug that corrupted users' files went unfixed. And now in the wake of that mess and the eventual fix Microsoft has made the curious decision of abandoning one of its key technologies for the operating system -- Drive Extender." | more



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