Gran Turismo 5 Overtakes Black Ops To Lead UK Charts

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Posted: 5 years 47 weeks ago

"Polyphony Digital's long-delayed Gran Turismo 5 has debuted in pole position in the all-formats UK chart, overtaking Call of Duty: Black Ops for highest number of sales in the week ending November 27. Kazunori Yamauchi's driving simulator joins Heavy Rain and God of War III as the third Sony-exclusive title to sit at number one on the UK sales chart in 2010." | more




I want to buy a PS3 just for this game...I know I wanted to buy PS2 for GT4...

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That's incredible, I'm very aware of how well CoD Black Ops sold in the UK so that's a nice 'milestone' or triumph(it is an exclusive) =P

"Maximum, Game".

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i'll get it..when price drops xD

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