LGA 775 still makes up 65 percent of Intel's market today

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Posted: 5 years 48 weeks ago

"In Q4 2010 a massive 65 percent of all Intel desktop CPUs are socket 775 based. This is the Core 2 Duo / Quad and current Celeron socket. Amazingly the Core i 2010 generation with all the Core i3, i5 and i7, even some Pentiums holds a meager 27 percent share of the market. These is the peak for Core i 2010 processors and the LGA 1156 platform, as the plan is that in Q1 2010 its market share will go down to 22 percent, in favour of the soon to launch Core i 2000." | more




Of course, LGA775 still rocks!

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maybe thats something they'll keep in mind instead of changing so often the socket!

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I can testify to this, I'm a computer technician and most of the PCs I handle are still lga775, about 80% actually on my part.