Google: Chrome OS Still Coming This Year (It Just Might Be In Beta Form)

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Posted: 5 years 47 weeks ago

"There’s a lot of hoopla right now that Google’s Chrome OS has been delayed and will miss the stated release date of “this year”. Much of this is based off of the comment that Google CEO Eric Schmidt made last week at Web 2.0 Summit, in which he said that Chrome OS would be available sometime in “the next few months”. So I asked Google today if they were still sticking with the “later this year” availability of Chrome OS — the answer I got? An enthusiastic “yep!”"


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personally, i would rather see a desktop/slate style OS built around Android. My major issue with Google Chrome OS is the lack of actual onboard storage. I guess i will just wait to see if its worth the all the attention?

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Google OS will be a nice addition to PC's and stuff.

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I'm so looking for to this :)

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