PCI Express 3.0 Specification Debuts

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Posted: 5 years 48 weeks ago

"The PCI-SIG says that a x1 PCIe 3.0 slot is capable of 1GB/s transfer rate, and that transfer rate scales up to 32GB/s on a x16 lane. You can bet once the new specification is available on mainboards we will see lots of video cards supporting it hit market." | more



Andreas Hofer
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Only reason why they increase the "bandwith" is because they need more power from the motherboard. In the end it's pretty much useless because most manufacturers cards will draw power from the PSU. A recent benchmark at Tom's Hardware shows that a 5870 video card will only lose about 4% in performance on a PCI-E v1.0 bus and only if you play at high resolutions. This of course looks very different on a Dual-GPU card that will most likely need twice the bandwith. Considering that a modern DX11 video card is about 200-300 percent faster than first gen DX10 cards, the actual drop in performance is not that important to you and it also can be decreased by increasing the speed of the GPU.

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thats nice but graphics card don't even use all the bandwith of the 2.0

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