Intel: 1,000-core processor possible

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Posted: 5 years 47 weeks ago

"An experimental Intel chip shows the feasibility of building processors with 1,000 cores, an Intel researcher has asserted. The architecture for the Intel 48-core Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processor is "arbitrarily scalable," said Intel researcher Timothy Mattson, during a talk at the Supercomputer 2010 conference being held this week in New Orleans." "This is an architecture that could, in principle, scale to 1,000 cores," he said. " I can just keep adding, adding, adding cores." | more



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there is one thing i don't understand why would hey make this its has 1000 weak pentium cores. k this will be super parallel but would a gpu preform better at super parallel task instead of 1000 cores

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[email protected] beast lol


Yeah, and after they finish with the core battle, they'll find something else, like levels and/or amounts of will never end :) which is a good thing. The only bad thig is that Intel's CPUs are very expensive.

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kinda obvious it'll be a core battle

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