Boost your poor wireless connection

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Posted: 5 years 48 weeks ago

Sick of having a poor wireless connection, well this article might help you. They talk about 10 different ways of improving your wireless singal. And let's face it, most of us can do with an imporved wireless signal ;)

"One of the most common networking questions is "How do I increase the range of my wireless connection?" There's nothing more frustrating than no connection, dropped connections, or poor throughput—all of which can be caused by a signal that's not reaching from your router to your laptop or netbook. The problem is, there are any number of reasons why the signal might be too weak.
Maybe it's sheer distance. You may have a room in your home or office that is simply too far from your wireless router. Maybe it's the layout of your home: If the signals have to bounce around too many corners to reach your endpoints, that can cause problems. Maybe it's interference with the signal. If you live in an apartment building, your home might be inundated with signals from everyone else's routers. Maybe it's structural interference. If your furnace, washing machine, and dryer are all between your router and your laptop, that doesn't help. Maybe it's the software you're using. Routers need software updates just like everything else—and sometimes the firmware they initially ship with is surprisingly buggy.

Free: Change the channel

Free: Change the channel

Not the TV's; your router's. Wi-Fi routers operate on specific channels. When you set up a typical router, it usually chooses a certain channel by default. Some routers choose the least-crowded channel, but yours may not have. Check for yourself which Wi-Fi channel is the least crowded to boost the router's performance, perhaps boosting signal range..." ~source


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I'm using dlink dir-655 *smugface.


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The university of Wageningen (Netherlands) has proven that WIFI is killing plants en trees.
So I stick to cable.

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Agreed. Fixed. :)


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This is actually helpful. I'm stuck with G wifi, atm.

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Sorry, I'm not one to criticize and I don't mind "piss poor" being in the title.. Its just that the title seems to be in some need of 'correction' itself. "Boost your piss poor wireless correction" ?