40,000+ YouTube subscribers

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Posted: 5 years 49 weeks ago

I'd like to personally thank everyone for subscribing to the 3dGameMan.com YouTube channel. As of today (Nov. 17. 2010) there's over 40,000 subscribers on the 3dGameMan.com YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.c...



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probably that a good amount of the 40.000 subscribers are from overseas, would explain why only 200 see the live show..btw i am a subscriber from you
I don't know if duplicating would work cause there's already alot of amateur reviewers but you're the top of the line! I remember that i went on CoolerMaster over a year ago to look at cases and your review was there for the ATCS 840 and i bought it and now its sitting next to me *dusts top of case off and kisses it*
So much airflow in there that i'll NEVER go for a small or medium tower case again
..and i did scratch my head, how did you know that?! I have 24 subscribers but its cool cause i'm 24, i hope to have 25 for my 25th B-day LOL

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I sleep fine at night knowing we are banning people who deserve it.  Tivon
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Congratulations Rodney, well deserved and keep up your good vids. I like the t-shirt =)

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