Enter the AMD Komodo 8-core Fusion

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Posted: 5 years 50 weeks ago

"AMD plans an eight-core 32nm processor codenamed Komodo. It is based on the Bulldozer core and it will have DirectX 11 capable GPU. This of course comes after the 2011 Bulldozer launch, a new CPU architecture that will test the 32nm process at GlobalFoundries. Zambezi is the first Bulldozer to launch in four- and eight-core versions, but this one won' have an integrated graphics core." | more



Andreas Hofer
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8 cores, really? Why can't they make their 12 core Opterons single socket ready and increase it's clock speed by a few hundred MHz. I just hope the integrated graphics unit has more pwer than Intel's i3 processor-GPU combo.

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the battle continues