3D could blow up in industry’s face

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Posted: 5 years 50 weeks ago

"According to PCR magazine the push into 3D is not really supported by evidence that it is wanted. The MD of Target Components Paul Cubbage said that it was difficult to see a mass-market application for 3D at this stage. He said that trying to convince the public that they have a need or desire for 3D TV will likely be an uphill struggle." | more



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Andreas Hofer
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If everyone would offer autostereoscopic displays, no one would have to wear those glasses that not even look kind of stupid,they also tend to alter color patterns of images displayed. Personally I will not use even autostereoscopic displays because working on them (tried a few models at Cebit) gives me a headache.
Also there is the matter of 120hz displays that are very expensive and by far not fast enough yet. And of course the matter of graphics power requiered for gaming PCs. I'm afraid to say but there is one new "golden rule" for the IT industry: "If Apple offers it, we need too"!

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Agree a lot with that one..i mean come one, talking about 3D when only a couple of TV channels are transmited in HD, alot of people didn't even finish the transition to HD, at least in europe..and need more bandwith to transmit 3D signal which would do great through fiber but in my case only PARIS has it..and personally i don't see myself wearing glasses, i tried them several times and i don't like it..

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