Geforce GTX580 launch on 9th Nov, sampling now

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Posted: 5 years 50 weeks ago

"The new card is sampling to journalists right now. It should launch on Tuesday 9th but it's unclear at what time. It looks like it will be the morning hours of Tuesday, November 9th. A few important facts are that the card works at 772MHz core, has 512 shaders and 2200MHz memory. It should also be somewhat quieter than the previous GTX 480." | more



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I knew it! Ever since the gtx 460 came out with a cooler more power sufficient design they would design the 580. BUT I'm upset, why can't it be a 480 with a new cooling system. I bought a 460 because if I bought a 480 and wanted to SLI it with the new design (580) Would it work? that's my question can a 480 work with a 580? If not, they really messed up.

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Sounds cool, just hope for Nvidia and their fans sakes they've got the power consumption and heat 'issues' worked out.

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how about the price $$$$$$$

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Just on time for Black Ops

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It will be interesting to see how it compares to the 480. But why 580? They should have called it the 490 or something.

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its not a new generation, so why are they naming it like it is?

They should follow what they did in the past and call it a GTX485. Realistically it is going to be what the GTX480/GF100 was supposed to be.

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Video card wars.. win-win every time.

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i only have one thing to say...the battle continues stronger than ever

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I'd say the price is the most important question :) It will be $500 I think, or more.

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The most important question: How much power will it consume?