Hardest Transparent Organic Material Ever Designed by Scientists

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Posted: 6 years 13 hours ago

"Tougher than stainless steel and even the previous record holder, bulletproof Kevlar, a new, transparent material developed by scientists in Israel is the hardest organic nanostructure known to man. Inspired by an unlikely source -- the beta-amyloid proteins found in patients with Alzheimer's disease -- the new material could be applied to make steel tougher and may also lead to cheaper and lighter body armor. "In principle it may be possible," to print body armor, said Ehud Gazit, a scientist at the Tel Aviv University and a co-author of a new article in the journal Angewandte Chemie international edition." | more



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Sounds incredible, so tough and it's see through(transparent)? very cool, like in a Sci-Fi film =)

"Maximum, Game".


Cheaper body armors? I'll buy :D

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Now if only the cure for Alzheimer's was removing those beta-amyloid proteins. They would've kill two birds with one... pebble.

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"Organic" = carbon

Not the original article, but another look at the same thing.

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