Superfast SSDs are coming, but will they be used the right way?

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Posted: 5 years 51 weeks ago

"Intel, Dell, IBM, EMC, and a host of other component makers and OEMs have announced a partnership aimed at developing a standard interface for PCIe-hosted solid-state disks. If the group has its way, we'll eventually be ditching the SATA bus entirely for SSDs that are hosted directly on PCIe. Why does this matter? Because PCIe-based SSDs are brain-meltingly fast. And right now, they're also wallet-bustingly expensive, even for enterprise customers." | more




heh, my RAID 0 Samsung Spinpoint F4 320GBs x2 are doing find at 300 MB/s both read and write, not buying SSDs until they cost only 50% more per GB compared to HDD.

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i've seen an pcie ssd 120gid 520 mb read and 450 write for only 300€ so ssds are getting cheap and fast but i'm gooing to wait a little longer

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so in a near future you'll see SSD implemented on motherboards like Asus and you'll need a minimum of 4 PCIe slots for sure, HDD racks will dissapear leaving space for new inventions and creativity?

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So, is this just OCZ RevoDrive Round 2?