Hide yo kids - hide yo wives -- Antoine Dodson Sex Offender Tracker app

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Posted: 5 years 51 weeks ago

"This is either the funniest thing you'll see today -- or it's the most offensive. But every so often an internet video goes so viral that the rest of the world simply cannot ignore it. And sometimes the stars, or subjects of these videos become so popular and so recognized, that they're launched into a some minor realm of celebrity status. And that's exactly what has happened to Antoine Dodson." | more



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Not sure, but I suspect this is a list of the sex offenders in the US only.

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lol what if i found things that i didn't know before, like my whole city is full of sex offenders, the screen is all red with dots xD
Love that vid

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What a funny twist on a VERY SERIOUS topic. This is gonna sell like hot cakes. If the app is for real, it would be a fantastic tool to have.

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It's only $1.99, might as well get it. lol

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Funny Remix!

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