12-Year-Old Hunts Firefox Flaw, Gets $3,000

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Posted: 5 years 51 weeks ago

"When most of us were 12, we'd be doing small manual labor jobs for some spare cash. Maybe it was mowing the lawn or shovelling snow, but seventh-grader Alex Miller isn't your typical 12-year-old. He's just taken a check from Mozilla for $3,000 after collecting one of the bug bounties. Miller found a security flaw in Firefox that Mozilla deemed valuable enough to reward with a $3,000 bounty – a sum that's up from the previous amount of $500. (Mozilla said that it has increased the bounty amount to reflect the change in the economy… but I'm still waiting for my salary to go up six-fold.)" | more



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sounds like he already has a job at mozilla

I have a gaming PC and all gaming consoles and it definately doens't get you laid!
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Pure fluke cant see this happening again in the future, but good on him for wining it but firefox it dead IE9 and Chrome are the market now

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Easy money, bight future?

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