PC version of Battlefield 3 to be best

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Posted: 6 years 4 days ago

"DICE has some very welcome words for PC gamers that are Battlefield franchise fans. The upcoming Battlefield 3 for the PC will not be a watered down console port, but will instead be the best and most robust version of Battlefield 3 that takes advantage of the special and unique nature of the PC platform." | more



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Ya Battlefield 2 was an extremely good game for 2005, really did good for the series then they had a major gap and problems making something as good, hopefully they look back at what made BF2 so good. I live with the non-hacker 1 of Canada, named "Canadarocks"...the two people above him are hackers they have under 1000 hours and he has 4300 hours. He doesn't believe me that he'll need a new rig to play BF3, when he can't run BC2, its pretty funny.

Oh ya here it is http://bf2s.com/rankings/score/ca/
Just look at the hacker's SPM (Score per minute) its like 9 and his and the other non-hackers are 3 or so

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the gap between the consoles and PC is getting bigger and they talk about keeping the current consoles 5 more years..a fear of games not evolving on PC for some time..

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i think they also mean that they will make the game better in a sence of larger maps + better hit detection and a much higher power of a pc vs a console i'm sure that bfbc2 would have looked eve better if it was made on pc native because it would use gpu better than like a console port (pc is more gpu+cpu while the console ports are mostly heave cpu games but don't use the gpu so much mine gpu is used like 65%(hd4890 not oced while mine cpu is 100% used in bfbc2 an di only have 35 fps or so)

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That's a bold statement to make.

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Hopefully they'll make a good Battlefield for a change.

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Why is this any different to any other game? =/

Honestly I've loved(and still do love) the PS2 =P and only about two years ago I saved up enough to built my first budget gaming PC and since then I've known that PC gaming looks the best by far, not just Crysis every multiplatform game just looks more 'crisp' because of higher resolutions etc so I doubt anything will change soon.

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