Rumour: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 to be 20% faster than GTX 480

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Posted: 6 years 1 week ago

"According to Digitimes' sources, Nvidia's early 2011 refresh GF110 is expected to outperform the current flagship GeForce GTX 480 by about 20%. Rumoured to be branded the GeForce GTX 580, GF110 is not a next-gen product, but rather a tweak of the current GF100 chip. It is rumoured to be announced / previewed / paper-launched in November 2010 and released in Jan/Feb 2011." | more



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I think it should and probably will be called a GTX 485 or 490 and if they can get the power usage down like they did with the 460 etc then maybe they can do a 495 dual GPU card after that =)

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another rebranding tale...its been done lol

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what a nice battle thats gonna be

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I knew it! This is going to be their redesign of the 480, similar to how the gtx 460 performs but with a little more power house.

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Knowing Nvidia's pricing method, I think ill pass on this one. Interested in benchmarks though. ;P


I doubt the name is right, if it is true, and if it is going to be the GF100 chip, they will most likely name it the 485, or 490.


knowing nVIDIA, it will be released in Feb 2011. Or maybe March 2011. Delay Delay Delay. April 2011?

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It will be interesting to know if this is true.