MSI launches the ultimate graphics card - N480GTX Lightning

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Posted: 6 years 5 days ago

"The Lightning graphics card series from the world-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, has been receiving unanimous recognition from power users and major media worldwide. The newest addition to the Lightning family, N480GTX Lightning, is tailored for extreme overclocking. With the inclusion of the world's first Power4 architecture providing sufficient and stable power, the OC potential of the N480GTX Lightning has been significantly increased. With its incredible core clock – 1450MHz, N480GTX Lightning created a new world record of 3DMark Vantage at 39281. Without a doubt, the N480GTX Lightning is, by far, the top graphics card designed for Extreme Overclocking." | more




not even a 1500w psu/w 4x8pin and 2x6pin can power 3 cards^^ only 2.
needs maybe additional 700w^^ to get 2more 8pins and 1x6pin...

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lol how much power plants do we need to run this card i'm staying whit mine hd4890 until the next shrink (i think 28 or 22 nm )

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end of 2010 sounds so awesome!

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4 way SLI these!