WD Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive Review

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Posted: 5 years 31 weeks ago

"Today, Western Digital announces the world's highest density hard drive, as they reach the 3TB mark with their newest, 5th generation Caviar Green product. To go along with its massive storage capacity, the Caviar Green 3TB serves up a super-sized combination of reduced power consumption, lower operating temperature, and a quieter working environment. Read on to find out how well it performs and if it deserves to be on your upgrade list." | more



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Oh! I'd RAID0 'em up in my server with up to 6TB of hard drive! *grin*

This is great for MythTV when it comes to recording TV shows over the air. If I have the money, maybe I could store ripped blu-ray discs in the hard drive so I don't have to worry about scratched discs, but I'm 'fraid that's not gonna happen! *grin*

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nice..so many storage is yummy

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i'll stick with my hitachi 2tb's :)




Well damn.. 3TB? :)