NVIDIA Releases GeForce 260.89 WHQL Driver Suite

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Posted: 6 years 5 days ago

"We are happy to announce that Release 260 drivers are now WHQL-certified. The new version 260.89 WHQL-certified drivers can be downloaded here and are available for both desktop and notebook GPUs. Release 260 adds support for our latest GeForce GTS 450 and GeForce GT 430 desktop GPUs and for many of our new GeForce 400M notebook GPUs. Release 260 drivers provide a nice performance boost for GeForce 400 Series GPUs and add support for the ultimate home theater experience with Blu-ray 3D and lossless surround sound. They also add support for OpenGL 4.1 and come with a brand new driver installer. You can read more about all of the features in my earlier Release 260 blogs here and here." | more