Napoleon Total War™ Game Bundle: 50% Discount Coupon Now Available with HIS Radeon 5550

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Posted: 6 years 3 days ago

"Today HIS announced an exciting new game bundle featuring one of the Best Strategy Game category- The Napoleon: Total War™ with our revolutionary HIS Radeon 5550 or above 5K family series. The HIS Radeon 5000 family series, which unquestionably deliver a riveting high-definition gaming experience with Eyefinity technology, will give gamers the most stunning first-person shooting experience with rich and realistic visuals rendering. The Napoleon: Total War™ is the newest chapter in the critically acclaimed Total War™ series from The Creative Assembly. In a vividly detailed, war-torn world, players assume the role of Napoleon during his extraordinary rise to power or play as his enemies in an attempt to rewrite history. Napoleon: Total War™ also marks the single biggest innovation in the history of the franchise with an integrated multiplayer campaign that allows two players to fight for control of the campaign map and the fate of Europe. " | more




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nope, waiting HD 6000 xD

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