AMD Says That CPU Core Race Can't Last Forever

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Posted: 6 years 1 week ago

"We thought we were going to build a 10GHz chip. It was only when we discovered that they would get so hot it would melt through the Earth, that we decided not to do that," Newell said, jokingly, in an interview with IDG. Now it's about who has more cores, but Newell doesn't see that continuing indefinitely. "There will come an end to the core-count wars. I won't put an exact date on it, but I don't myself expect to see 128 cores on a full-sized server die by the end of this decade," said Newell. "It is not unrealistic from a technology road map, but from a deployment road map, the power constraints that people expect [servers] to live in." | more



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Take a look at IBM's new Power 7 series clocked at 3.5 (8-core) and 3.7 (4-core) GHz, too bad they're not compatible with Windows, yet.
According to the press release, there will be even faster models with speeds up to 4.1 GHz early 2011.

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maybe a weird question but should we just jump off the x86 and go to something completely new like that did whit arm but even better new base k yes there will be no software for it but if you could get like 3 times the performance and the same power usage than why wouldn't they switch.i mean maybe we are just reaching the limit of the idea behind the processor as we know.

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a new i7 with 10 watt and 10°c maybe

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Well, true that hyper threading has been around. I guess what they are trying to say is that adding more of these options in hardware might be the future of silicon.

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yeah. I'm referring to new features/technology that improve computing speed and efficiency without overclocking. I'd like to see those instead of adding cores/overclock.

Remember the Pentium 4? Intel was basically fooling its customers by showing huge clock speeds in their packaging. They don't perform as well as AMD's processors at the time for most applications/games, and that's at lower clock speed.

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You probably already know, but intel are already doing hyper threading with the i7 and other CPUs


That's good news. I think it would be best to innovate on new CPU features instead of simply increasing numbers, whether it be CPU speed, cache, or number of cores. That's hardly revolutionary. Stuff like an integrated video accelerator, hyper-threading, etc. is better stuff to look forward to.