AOL installs 50TB of SSD; boosts DB performance by 4X

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Posted: 6 years 1 week ago

"When it came to managing most of AOL's 6 petabytes of data, a Fibre Channel SAN sufficed. But for its most critical relational database, AOL found that the SAN was too constrained and caused its IT shop to fail to live up to its service level agreements with business units more than 50% of the time. After investigating what may have been causing I/O bottlenecks, AOL found the problem was back-end storage. To fix the problem, AOL decided to build a 50TB storage-area network (SAN) from solid-state technology." | more



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lol yeah really but a 50 tb server with all ssd hdd that is impressive i bet the machine flys

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Yea.. what is AOL anyway? seriously....

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AOL? what's that? *whistle*

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Warent they going to be merging with Yahoo or ebay or something?

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Does anyone use AOL today?

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