Why CPUs Aren't Getting Any Faster

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"In fact, the next-generation of CPUs, including Intel's forthcoming Sandy Bridge processor, have to contend with multiple walls--a memory bottleneck (the bandwidth of the channel between the CPU and a computer's memory); the instruction level parallelism (ILP) wall (the availability of enough discrete parallel instructions for a multi-core chip) and the power wall (the chip's overall temperature and power consumption)..." | more



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Tiv wrote:Lots of bottlenecks to get past. I guess this is why we are seeing a clear need for new video cards rather than a new processor with DX11.
i'm sorry to say it intel sandybridge will be dx10.1
amds fusion-chips phenom(or for the smal netbooks bobcat x2)+hd5700 or 6xxx will have dx11
amd will come whit bulldozer whit modular design so Block hyper treating this will lower power consumption but only 1 tread each core. so intel wil come whit cpu+gpu and no real arch change while amd comes whit cpu+gpu and new 2 new cpu architectures. maybe intel has something heavy to come but i do not know only looked up for amd. some say that sandybridge will not be good in overclocking because there is no separated multiplier (i searched a lot of this because i wanted to be sure to get an socket that will exist long )and amd does the shrink to 32nm soi

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bottlenecks indeed...get ready to rethink the PC and totally change your rig in the next years to come lol

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So do you think that AMD should focus more in decreased power consumption and less heat while still keeping the same performance? It'd be nice to see AMD Athlon II X4 620e drop the vcore down to 0.5 volts during the next couple of months, which is nice if I'm using an AMD processor for my home server that runs Ubuntu Server as a host and Windows Web Server 2008 as a guest. I know this is impossible to make the vcore go down very low, but is it possible in the future? I'd probably wait until AMD releases a new version of the processor with 32nm manufacturing tech.

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Lots of bottlenecks to get past. I guess this is why we are seeing a clear need for new video cards rather than a new processor with DX11.

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