XFX officially stops doing Nvidia

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Posted: 6 years 2 weeks ago

"XFX Europe have confirmed that they only want to associate themselves with AMD from this point onwards. The company will bring an outstanding array AMD next-generation graphics to market in October and November and it will compete aggressively against Fermi. Enough is enough, say XFX to Nvidia’s recent action to de-authorise them from the approved partner list.

Many people are not aware of the fact that until last Friday, XFX was actually selling and supporting Nvidia cards, just not Fermi based ones. The story is rather simple. Last year, XFX started selling ATI, Nvidia got mad and told them that they won’t get Fermi based cards. XFX wanted to offer AMD boards and many gamers actually saw this as a great move and because it could make some nice money and market share of course." | more




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i am actually going to buy an XFX ATI card for this now! LOL

the first of many to come against nVidia



why these high tech companies acting like children?

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I figured something was up a while back when I noticed there were no XFX GeForce GTX 400 cards around and all of their new stuff was ATI.

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A shame...double lifetime warranty makes this one of my favourite brands.

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So XFX is no longer in bed with NVIDIA ;)

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Shame my XFX 8800GTS stop working a few months ago. Perhaps I should try the oven bake method after all. If I do get it working again, it could become a piece of history!

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understand them pretty well, amd has the upper hand right now

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xFx = Stop doing it with Nvidia.. lol

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