Medal Of Honor Review

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Posted: 6 years 1 week ago

"On Xbox Live and PSN, two Superpowers are fighting it out for supremacy in the online warfare theatre. But which one is winning the battle for new recruits - Battlefield or Call of Duty? Well, in truth, they're not even fighting the same war. Although superficially similar, both series are drastically different once you scratch beneath the surface, and so are the people who enjoy them. Call Of Duty is bold and brash, the shooter of choice for the archetypical frat boy. The kleptomaniac structure of CoD's perk system rewards aggression, bravery and above all things, self-preservation..." | more



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Only reason I'd buy it would be for battlefield 3 beta

Mr. Pizza
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Eh, i was in the beta. I'll pick it up.


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it'll be a buy for me, same for black ops

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The commercials make this game look so kickass. But after playing the open beta I'm not as impressed.

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