Man Drowns Following GPS Instructions Into Lake

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Posted: 6 years 2 weeks ago

"Last weekend a man in La Serena died after GPS directions led him into a lake. Gizmodo cites a Spanish newspaper report that says the man and his friend were led down a rural road that ended abruptly. It was dark, visibility was poor and the man, a foreigner not used to the area, didn't see the end of the road until it was too late. His car dropped into the lake and sank in a matter of minutes. While both men were able to get out of the car, only one was able to swim to shore." | more



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Reminds me of the American Office episode when the main character drives into a lake despite being able to see it and an alt route while his passenger is trying to tell him that the GPS mean bear right.

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guess the GPS told him to go find destination in the lake

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"Anytime a road goes into a lake their needs to be an update." Tiv.. LOL.... Good one

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That's why I stick with Google.
But what I really want is one of the Star Wars GPS systems just for fun.

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GPS is a great tool when used appropriately, but too many inexperienced drivers are relying heavily on handheld type devices for directions. They hold the steering with one hand and attempt to operate the handheld with the other. Very dangerous...steering the vehicle according to what direction the GPS says and not what is directly in front of them...

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Are people seriously so consumed into watching the GPS that they are ignoring the road signs? Anytime a road goes into a lake their needs to be an update.

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