Cyborg's Rat 7 Adjustable Gaming Mouse

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Posted: 6 years 3 weeks ago

"So, how much time do you spend with a mouse in hand? If you're a PC enthusiast, probably quite a lot—if not at work, then certainly at home. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mouse with a custom fit? That's what Cyborg Gaming, a subsidiary of Mad Catz, has created with its Rat 7 gaming rodent. The Rat has all the fixings one might order with a premium gaming mouse, such as an insanely precise sensor and loads of programmable buttons, plus one very special trick: users can modify the mouse's size and shape to suit their hands." | more



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Logitech needs to have an answer for this mouse.

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I love it, great mouse (or should i say rat?) fully adjustable and the sniper button is amazing 8) it really fit's anyones hand.. cable won't tangle... gold plated USB.. great great great :) on sale on newegg $21 off.


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How do you like it? I have had my eye on this since the first press release...

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I have this mouse!!!!!!!!!!!

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i prefer the new logitech g700

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