Best Buy Charging to Install PS3 Firmware Update

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Posted: 6 years 3 weeks ago

"The Best Buy Geek Squad is offering an updated firmware PS3 console for $329.98. While such a service would help those who don't have internet at home, the fact that new games often come bundled with the latest firmware required to play makes it look a little less valuable than it already is." | more



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for those reasons i dont play consoles and have not played a console game since ps2... In my opinion if it is not on pc or not soon coming to pc it is not worth my time

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Update firmware is more expensive than buying a new console?

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help those who don't have internet? can't they just go at a friend's house and update firmware there then? tho seems wierd having a PS3 without internet all together

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Way to rip off the customers Geek Squad

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Wow... i cant believe that. As big as Best Buy is, they should be ashamed of themselves for making customers look like their stupid. Something like 29.99 is still overpriced but reasonable since ur paying someone by the hour to do it.

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