Medal of Honor Open Beta Live!

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Posted: 6 years 3 weeks ago

Start Date: October 4 | End Date: October 7, 11:59 PDT

Grab your MREs and prepare to spend four days playing two new maps and modes for the multiplayer version of Medal of Honor. Anyone can download and play. All that is required is an EA Account when you launch the game and to accept the beta agreement.




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It's okay. Kind of feels like BFBC2 without the destructible buildings, but also a mix of COD with the Mortar strikes. Once you level a little you can unlock better weapons. I can see how some people might like this game. Maybe if the game is on sale someday I might get it, but it's not a COD or BF replacement yet. Still lacks a few things like extra maps and chat options.

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The game play just feels weak. Character movement feels sluggish. Not very innovative. I was expecting something much better.

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makes me feel like a deja-vu since i play BF:BC2

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I gave it a quick go and it wasn't out of this world, but similar to the goodness of past games.

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this game sucks. played the closed beta & was very dissapointed in dice's work. bfbc2 is far better