AMD Radeon HD 6870 and 6850 launches on October 18th

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Posted: 6 years 2 weeks ago

"Back in August we could confirm that AMD would stir things up by naming the mid-range series Radeon HD 6800. The GPU "Barts" is the successor to Juniper GPU of the Radeon HD 5700 series, but it is being moved up a notch. The list of specifications that was leaked at several sites last week said that Barts would launch as Radeon HD 6700, which made us wonder about the authenticity of the document. We have had it confirmed that our previous information on Barts and Radeon HD 6800 were correct, which we can now back up with detailed specifications and launch dates."

"AMD Radeon HD 6850 (Barts Pro) and HD 6870 (Barts XT) will launch on October 18th (19th in some countries, if nothing gets changed in the last minute) and the new Northern Islands architecture is tuned and optimized for better performance per watt. We should not expect any revolutionary improvements over current models, but more on that soon." | more



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I dont get it. It says the 6870 is better then the 5850. Well wouldn't that be obvious? Does this mean my 1yr old 5870 is better then the 6870?

I guess i better to my research on ATI's new architecture....

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So do you think the new 6770 will be using 90 watts of power?

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that sounds like a wonderful christmas coming

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This is retarded, its gona confuse ppl who dont know. and does this mean that 6970 will be single gpu?