66% Of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP

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Posted: 6 years 3 weeks ago

"New market share data recently released by Net Applications puts XP’s market share at 60.03%, down from 60.89% in the month before. Windows Vista fell from 14.00% to 13.35%, while Windows 7 gained 1.25 points to 17.10%. It is interesting to see that Vista and XP lost a combined 1.51 points in September: The difference between the gain of 7 and the loss of Vista/XP represents 100% of the Windows market share loss, which was down 0.25 points to 91.08% in September." | more




This goes along with the Poll on this site about Piracy, I can't speak for every one else but I have not upgraded to Win 7 from XP because I can't afford it.

I don't believe in pirating OS's but I understand that cost is a big factor.

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im sure 7 has its problems, its no where near the issues i had with XP or Vista.

XP still holds on because of busniess uses.

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probably cause people got scared after vista and need time trusting Win7 which is great

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