Parallels Desktop 6: The Ars Review

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Posted: 6 years 3 weeks ago

"It has been less than ten months since we reviewed Parallels Desktop 5, a competent but buggy release from Parallels. Shipping paid updates with stability issues seems to be the company's modus operandi, so I was a little skeptical when I saw that a new version was already being released, since the last one had so many issues that needed ironing out. The feature list of Parallels Desktop 6 isn't what I'd call ambitious—the main focus of version 6 has been on the 64-bit host and increased speed, mostly for 3D and gaming. Gaming was already Parallels' forte, but I was curious to see if the new version would finally make playing modern games with complex shaders, high resolutions, and high-quality audio a reality. If it doesn't come through, and suffers from stability issues, this could be a disastrous release for Parallels. Read on for the verdict." | more



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we do it called VMware. My question is why do Macs need a virtual machine, when they are so called perfect machine. Only is for games, special programs, or running a mac server; which I have never seen or us one to my knowledge. Stream is making more games come to the mac; so what the problem? VM is only good when you are cutting down the OS overhead. But we are basically having two overheads to run a task, which is a waste. If I recall right 10% is standard maximum overhead for OS, unless they use the nature system call interface and not emulation the machine. Only thing that is good about virtual machines, is for testing, or VM server for laptops, or things like backtrack 4.

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Why don't we have anything like this for the PC?

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