How Nvidia Keeps PC Gaming Alive

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Posted: 6 years 4 weeks ago

"PC games must look better than the console games. The reason is simple, if games don’t look better on a PC and if they are identical to console versions, console manufacturers will simply win and PC gaming market will start shrinking. Of course there is some financial interest behind it. Nvidia spends millions of dollars on Tony Tamasi's group where they have hundreds of people who work very hard to make these games better. Better games on PC means more demand for graphics cards, and guess what, this is what gets a lot of profit for Nvidia." | more



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If ATI or Nvidia did not power the consoles I'm sure they would find another replacement, but it would hamper the consoles for a large number of years. I guess that's the question ATI and Nvidia need to think more about. Should they take the easy money and build console parts or drag their feet in order to build a stronger PC market?

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they really should stop making console ports