Direct3D 10/11 Natively Implemented on Linux

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Posted: 6 years 4 weeks ago

"Gamers on Linux are used to there being a limited choice of 3D APIs. OpenGL is an excellent cross-platform solution, but a lot of development these days are on Direct3D – which is from Microsoft and obviously not on Mac OS X or Linux. Well, not on Linux until this week. Luca Barbieri made a commit with news of native Direct3D 10/11 support into Gallium, with an eventual goal of running Windows games in Wine." | more



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Wait until there are benchmarks available. In other words, don't count in Linux supporting games running in Wine with Gallium.

I would certainly love to test out Gallium under Linux with Mono (I'm a C# programmer), though.

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Does this mean Linux will finally be able to play the latest games?

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