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Posted: 6 years 6 weeks ago

Should anyone actually be interested in IE9, here is your chance to checkout the public beta.

"As promised, Microsoft has released the first public beta of Internet Explorer 9. Along with the first beta is the reveal of the new UI, which Microsoft boasts very proudly is focused on the content of the website and not the browser software itself. That doesn't mean that the browser is light on features, however, as IE9 integrates very well with Windows 7. Now users can pin websites directly onto the taskbar, which can have their own unique jump lists. Websites can also program in badge notifications to the icons when they reside on the taskbar, which sounds like it'd be great for web-based mail. Check out more about IE9 at Microsoft's specially launched site and grab the download links here." | more



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after doing some searching i found my answer. If you are like me and use a separate hdd for saving your downloads from internet explorer this is how.

To set a default save folder.
Open IE9.
Either click on the settings gear icon and choose "View downloads" or press the "ctrl" and "j" keys together to open downloads window.
Click "options" there you will see a browse button for you to choose your default download location.

I hope this helps anyone.

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I was waiting to download this asap. I got it and have to say im liking it. It has some changes that took some time to get used to. There are a lot of pages that must be viewed in compatibility mode. Truth be told, IE8 was the same way when we were beta testing it too.

One feature i would like to see added would be a setting allowing me to choose where my main downloads go. Its set to go in my personal downloads folder. I dont use that folder at all. I have a 500gb HDD just for downloads and interim storage until i move them to a raid storage drive.

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I got it, and was extremely buggy D:
But it looked nice

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IE9 is still a very buggy beta... But I am liking it 1000x more than any previous IE. I also thought it was funny that the ACID3 test site was basically crushed today... lol

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I like the comment, "Should anyone actually be interested in IE.."

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