Game Sales Plummet For Game Consoles

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Posted: 6 years 6 weeks ago

Nintendo, when you build a console that’s geared for kids this is what happens until Christmas. This should be expected since parents had to buy back to school supplies. As for the other consoles and PC games, they seem unaffected but those are bought by College Kids and Adults mostly.

"Market researcher NPD Group said that Nintendo’s DS handheld players and Wii consoles led a 10 percent fall in US video-game hardware and software sales in August. Overall sales dropped to $818.9 million last month, with revenue from hardware falling five percent and game software dropping 14 percent. NPD said that sales of the touch-screen DS slumped 38 percent to 342,700 players, while those of the Wii fell 12 percent to 244,300 consoles, the lowest since its debut in November 2006, according to the statement. While it is possible that people are putting off buying new gear because the second generation of controller games are on the way, the sales falls have not effected Microsoft's Xbox and the Sony PS3 which are expected to feature the new controllers." | more



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i agree pc game will always be a step ahead but i now refuse to buy console ports like bfbc2 and cod6 after that i saw that these games weren't worth the price k you could destroy object but the game play felt a little bit empty overpowered engineers bad hit detection and to low cover.but real pc games are so good like dragon-age and i might buy it if it is ported from pc to console because it is made for the pc and it will work good on it than (gta is ported from console to pc so it is to cpu intencive and it didn't work good on mine pc while real pc games don't have that problem)


same here rodney, pc gamer only always...

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I know I don't buy em, because I'm a PC gamer ;)

Rodney Reynolds,