71% Of Hardcore Gamers Interested in 3D Gaming

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Posted: 6 years 6 weeks ago

71% of hardcore gamers are interested in playing 3D games. I went over this debate once already with a family member and the cost killed the idea pretty quickly. Maybe we should make a poll out of this topic? What are your thoughts on this matter...

"But perhaps the most noteworthy finding was this one: “42% of respondents cited interest in playing video games in 3D, with seven-out-of-ten (71%) hardcore or regular gamers interested in 3D video games.” Those figures might seem a bit high, but then again, even though gamers might say they’d be interested in 3D gaming, there’s a good chance the majority of them won’t actually adopt the technology for a few years, because of the associated costs (and the fact that wearing glasses to play games for hours on end is hardly an appealing proposition). This is why Nintendo seems to really be onto something with the Nintendo 3DS, even if it's on a less dramatic, handheld scale.." | more



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I can watched a 2 and a half hour long 3D movie, it doesn't cause eye strain on me. Yes it's expensive, but it's a whole new playing field. The price should drop in the near future.


What? No way, 3D was already proven to cause high eye strain, why would I want to hinder my sight? And I don't even want to talk about the price.

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I sure am, I plan on getting it in the future!

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Poll coming....

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I think 71% are interested, I am for sure, but when someone hands you the price of the hardware most people frown.

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I'm not, but a poll would be cool to see a more "realistic" result